Monday, 25 February 2013

OUGD503 // UK Greetings // Male cards with colour

From designing the female set of cards and deciding that the patterned design with colour was the best way to go with these cards, i have done the same with the male cards, this time i have just added colour to that set of cards because i knew this design would work the best and be in keeping with the other set to make an overall design style to both sets of cards.

I have again chosen another colour scheme which has a more masculine feel to it.

I believe that these colours have a more masculine feel as they are a much bolder colour and stand out more, this would be traits you would say a male would have, so they link in well together. 

Taking the designs from before which were just an outline, i have added the colour scheme to each card and then over laid the pattern to make the design of the front of the card. To make the illustrations colour i have simply used a shade of grey and set them to multiply, i wanted to keep the cards simple and within one colour, so this is a great way of achieving that, which i think works really well for this set of cards. 

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