Friday, 8 February 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Final Publication

After printing all the pages on all the different stocks, it came to binding the publication together. For this i first had to get the backbone of the publication right. This is the 'z' bind section of the book. It consists of 5x A5 in a row. Each publication would then be sew into the spine of each fold.

The hardest part of bindin the publication together was getting the string through the middle of each section spine, especially the publishing and packaging sections because they had a lot of pages within them. Once i had done one i got the hang of it and the rest were easy.

Once i had sewn them all together and made the booklet, I stook the front and back cover to the 'z' bind publication. Looking back i should of done this first, because the pages were now arched from having the pages inside, but i still managed to get it stook down in the right place and in line with the edges.

Photos of final publication:

Front cover of the publication - here you can see the four papers that i have chosen to be the main colours of the project. I choose these because i think they all work together as colour scheme and personally i think it looks good. 

Publishing section of the publication. This is set out into a rectangle.

 Packaging section of the publication - set out in triangle pages. 

Self adhesive section of the publication. set out in squares.

Stationery section of the publication - set out in hexagons. 

I feel that the publication is a good success. I am really happy with the outcome of it and how well it has bound together. It took me along time to do that process but it has defiantly paid off because i think the final product for fills the brief. 
The interaction of the publication throughout out is the key to it and it definatly shows this element off, the way in which the pages have been designed and cut works really well to emphasis this element. 
From the peers in my year that have looked at the publication i have got all positive feedback. They all think that the format and concept of the publication is brilliant and works a treat.

As this publication is for printers and designers to see the fedrigoni range and see what papers are available to them, this publication does that and shows it well. By having the cut pages it shows the interaction of the stocks and colour and shows which papers can work well together. 
Not only that but it is something colourful and interesting to look through, which should help fedrigoni get more customers to use the papers. The key aspect to my concept was to keep it interactive, something the printers and designers can interact with - to see and feel the papers and i believe that what i have produced does just that. 

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