Friday, 8 February 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Packaging

As the publication is something that would be sent out to printers and designers, i needed to design some sort of packaging for it. This needs to be strong enough to last through the post, but also be something that the publication can be kept in so that it doesn't get ruined itself. 

This is the kind of box that i am going to use - a postal box. These are strong and durable and will last through the post. I can get one the right size to fit the publication too. As it only comes in white i am going to cover it using the stock colour i want. 

I wanted to keep the idea of the different papers interacting together and the different layers. I also wanted to use the shapes for each section within the front of the publication. This is something that has run throughout the project and it should be included here too. 

Designs of the front cover lid. The lid will be made up of the 5 colours used on the publication front cover and the poster. The top layer will have the shapes cut out and the layers beneath will build the shapes back up by filling in the gap with that colour. For the name and contents of the packaging i will design a label which will stick across the top and down the side of the packaging. 

Design of the front cover lid:

Here i have set the shapes out into a grid but the spacing between them is too much and they dont sit right within the space of the lid. The rectangle is the label. 

This design is much better laid out. Pushing the shapes closer together and to one side makes the design more balanced and works better. The look of it is much more interesting and there is enough white space around the shapes for them to be clearly visible. 

This is all that will be on the front cover itself, the rest of the information will be on label. 

The label design:
The label design will include all the information for the publication and what is included inside the box. 
Information needed to be included:
Name, tagline, introduction to publication, 4 areas within the publication, Fedrigoni logo. 

The label needs to be professional looking, which means everything needs to be set out in a grid and lined up precise to make it look the best it can and set off the packaging. 

Initial designs of the label:

This was the initial layout for the title of the packaging label - the tagline and title don't look right together, the spacing between 'this' and the tagline above it has too much spacing which makes it look out balanced. 

This second design looks alot better. The balance and layout of the overall the label is much better - Having the main title at the top shows this is highest in the hierarchy, having the tagline below this and the sentence length being that of the title makes it lay together right and read better. Having this section for the title and tagline works to make the reader see everything that it together in one place. 
Keeping the lines running along the label, makes it consistent throughout the design and sections it down for each seperate section of information needed. Each section of information fits within the column that is made by the line length. 

On the left hand side the fedrigoni logo is placed - this part of the label will be folded down the left side of the box - so it wont be seen on the front but the logo is there down the side branding the whole package as Fedrigoni' s.

This design is much better than the initial and now i just need to make everything work within the grid and line up right to make it to the standard it needs to be.

Final Label design:

Alternate design with the added shapes to the label - when printed and placed over the packaging box, it looked too much with the shapes on both the lid and the label. So i opted for the first design. 

Final products:

The packaging in full with closed lid. You can see that the box is closed by using string wrapped around the circle stopper which is attached with a binding screw.  The shapes have worked out well and fit in with the packaging, the layout of them works good and makes the packaging more interesting, also giving a taste of what will be inside. 

Here you can see the full label, with the fedrigoni logo down the left hand side. 

Here you can see how the packaging is kept closed. 

Earlier i designed this as the poster but decided it would work better as a dust cover inside the box, this is printed on trace, so you can still see through to the publication beneath. 

publication fitted in the packaging. 

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