Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Page layouts

To print onto the stock and add the specification of the papers with the weights etc on it i have laid out the text in indesign. Each stock will have the information on the first facing page, this leaves the back to be a sample and then further in the publication it will be there again.
To be able to position the text in the right place for where i will cut it into the different shapes, i have mapped out the shapes on the page too. This will make the cutting out process alot quicker and i know it will be more accurate too.

Publishing booklet:
The overlaying pages will result in the publication looking like this.

Label Publication:

Stationery Publication:

Packaging booklet - With this booklet it is going to be cut like triangles, so each side will be cut on the angle, because it is only one line, I have decided that i will work this out once it is printed.

Because there it no cutting guides the pages do look really bare and boring!

I am going to test print each publication on normal paper to make sure that it all fits together and that the pages all overlay each other. I can then edit the shapes of the pages before printing on the proper stock.

Pages in context:

Publishing pages in the shape of a rectangle.

Packaging pages in the shape of a triangle. I think that this one works the best out of them all. The interaction of the pages works best in this section.

Self adhesive pages, in the shape of a square. 

stationery pages in the shape of hexagon.

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