Tuesday, 15 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Packaging

For my two print products i am aiming as two different information packs. The first is just the book on its own, this will be for anyone general in a company - it will be sent out to the companies and then distributed throughout.
The second will include the newspaper, this will be for occupational health professionals, the newspaper will inform about stress and facts and stats on it.

For the packaging i am going to have two different sizes, as the packs will both be different sizes. The idea behind the packaging is to be a bag but it will be made from trace. This will have the logo on one side and the other will have '3 minute wander' and then the illustrations throughout the activity book will be illustrated on the front. This will make the packaging seem more fun and will tone down the fact it is all about stress.

Illustration and heading that will go on both packaging nets.

Smaller net - for the working professional campaign pack - A4 sized.

illustration that is on the front of the campaign pack.

Larger net - occupational health - newspaper sized.

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