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OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Business Identity

When i had my tutorial with lorraine this week, i asked her about this project and for ideas to expand the print side of the work.
We spoke about promotional material, but i thought it wasn't needed because the products are to a direct audience. They would be sent direct to the professionals or companies for them to distribute, so it doesnt really need promoting. Its not a campaign that is for everyone. Also the charity MIND would distribute it and it works with there own promotion anyway. After saying this to Lorraine she did agree, so the other suggestion was to do the business identity.

Taking that on board i have gone away and started to look at the identity and what i can do for it. This will consist of:

- Business card
- Letter head
- Compliment Slip
- Headed paper
- Envelope

I have taken the logo i have already created and i will use this within the identity. When designing these i found the logo quite hard to work with, because it is an odd shape and quite square, so for the most of the initial parts you look at, it will just be '3 minute wander' but then the logo will be incorporated further in the design.

Business Card
After doing some initial ideas, i had three designs for both front and back of the business card which i liked. So i have digitally designed these three designs. All the fronts will consist of using the laser cutter and cutting the design out on blue stock i have already used throughout the other products. This will be stuck to white card which will have the reverse printed on.
Doing it this way will get around the dreaded double sided printing and also tie in with the activity book front cover. The white card is used because it is a thicker stock and give the business some stability.

The blue area will be laser cut and stuck onto white card

The same again here, the blue stock will have the white areas cut out and stock onto the card

Same with this design.

This reverse design i have gone for something simple. As the area to design in isnt that big, i thought keeping it simple and easy to read is key - which i think this does.

Adding more of a design element to it. I have still kept it simple with alot of white space for ease of reading. Here i have included the logo in the background at a low opacity. The lines next to the body copy identify the different text areas and can also be an element carries through to the letterhead and compliment slip - which i though would work nice.

Similar to the design above, except i have removed the logo from the background and place in the bottom corner with the tag line. 

I am undecided between the bottom two designs and i think i am going to print both and see which looks better once printed.

After doing some changes to the design i have decided that i am going to use this reverse side:

After designing the business card, i knew i had a style and design concept which i wanted to carry on through the rest of the business identity. This just meant that i had to experiment with the layout of the text. 

To start with i designed the envelope. I have designed this around the size of the compliment slip, as the letters can be folded into three to make the same size of the compliment slip, so this size would be best for the envelope.

For the design of this i have kept it inline with the business card front. The blue box will hold the address. I did initially want it on the left hand side like the business card, but then that doesnt follow suit of an envelope because the stamp would have to go on the left and it always goes on the right top. 
The back of the envelope informs about the company, it has the logo and address of the company, this works in two ways; the recipient of the letter will know who it has come from, and if it goes to the wrong address it can be returned to the address on the back. This back design is kept similar to that of the letters. I made the envelope flap blue to add some colour to the back of the envelope and to also keep in with the colour scheme - identify it more with the company.

Net of the envelope. To be printed on A3.

Letter head and Letters.
Again because i had the design idea right from the beginning and from doing the business card it was pretty easy to design the rest. All i had to decide here was where to place the appropriate information.

To include was - company name / logo / address / contact details / space for letter to be written.

This is the blank letter / letter head. I know that a letter head is only meant to be the top half of the letter but i wanted to include the logo within the design and it wouldnt all fit along the top, so i have expanded the design to make it fit across the A4 paper. This structure still works well as you will see below on the mock up letter. 
I have used the idea of the rectangle block colour down the sides of the paper, this identifies the different information on the page and adds a design element to the letter.  

Mock up letter. Here i have added the other information that would be included on a letter, the written letter part and the signature at the bottom. As i was saying above; with the logo being at the bottom this gives an area in which the signature can be lined up with at the bottom and gives the whole letter a nice structure - block of information at the top, letter being 3/4 width of paper and block info along the bottom. This will have a signature on the page, but i am going to do that once printed.

Compliment Slip
This again complies with the design of the rest of the identity things. I have taken the same design and adapted it to the size and format of the compliment slip which is 210 x 99 mm.

With the compliment slip i wanted to keep it similar to the top half of the headed letter, so i have kept the company name on the left hand side, but because it needs to have 'with compliments' the contact information needed to go beneath the company name and down the left hand side. This is normal for a compliment slip anyway so this is the general design. The design has been kept the same with the block rectangles to separate the different information on the slip.

This is an example of the compliment slip with information from the company written on it. 

Blank Letters

Along with the headed letter and compliment slip, i have used the designs to create some blank letter forms. These are for less formal occasions that letter would need to be sent out. 

Below we have the headed company name and logo - this is the same design as the rest but without the rest of the information. It would be used for general writing within the company of for informal letters or notes.

This is the headed letter, containing the company name and contact details - again i would say this would be used for note making, general letters within the company or for less informal letters that still needed the company contact details - it could used as a way to give out the company details in a less informal way that the business card or it could be left with a note for someone wanting the company details. But it all still runs in line with the rest of the company identity.

I am pretty happy with the design of all the company identity. I thought it would be quite a hard thing to do and to get a design which will work across all the different formats, but once i had the initial design it was pretty easy really. 
I feel as though these designs are in keeping with the company branding and all use the same colour schemes etc. 

I do want to present this within a folder, as i think this will look good as a company identity file with everything together in one place. 

Once I printed the identity products and cut them to size, i have taken images to show what they actually look like with the correct colours and being made for real.

Printed products inside the folder, this shows the unison across all formats and how it all relates to each other.

All the printed material together, again you can see how the design has been used across all formats and how they relate to each other - adapting the design for each different format size. 

Close up of printed material.

A4 headed letter and compliment slip. I have printed both a blank and written letter and compliment slip, this shows the design of both in its raw state - how the company would receive the paper / file and then once the information / letter had been written - this shows how it would be laid out and work as a final printed product. Having the two shows how the information that would be put onto them relates to the design and how the design is worked around that.

Close up of compliment slip and A4 letter

A4 Letter in full, showing the full design of the letter with content added.

Full compliment slip - showing compliment slip with the added relevant infomation.

A4 letter - blank and written

Compliment slip - blank and written.

Close up of the company title and contact details. Here you can see how the small detail down the side, is relevant to size of the information in that block. The small detail down the side is there to identify the different areas of the letter and also makes it more attractive to look at - this has been applied across all identity products.

Along with the A4 letter i created other blank sheets from the same design - these two show the different ways in which the blank A4s could be used if needed. Company name and logo - this could be used as not paper or something less informal. Company name and contact details - this could be used to hand out to someone that needed the company details but also more information about a certain thing too, or simply to add a personalised message to giving them the company details.

Front of the business card. Here i have used the blue stock to be the main colour. To create the business cards i have simply printed the back design on thick white card and then laser cut the front design out of the blue stock and stuck it the back of the white card. This gets around the double sided printing which never works out right and also keeps in line with the style and ideas of the other products within the project. 

Fron and back design of the business card. The back design is simply the size of the business card printed on white card. I have included a made up worker for this instance. We had the company director which has their details for the company contact and then the address along the bottom , along with the tag line. As you can see i have carried on with the detailing down the side, which i think works well on this because of the small scale, it makes it easier to identify the different areas. Also i have included the logo on a low opacity in the background - the logo had to be present on the cards in some way and i felt that doing it that way would work the best and make the business card more interesting.

Above are the envelope images. this was based on the compliment slip sizes. It fits one of them in flat, for the A4 letter, it would be folded into 3. The envelope again takes on the idea of the design style throughout the products. This is related to the business cards with the blue block colour. The blue envelope flap is there again to bring the blue accent colour into the design and because i think it makes the back of the envelope look more appealing and visually pleasing. The back of the envelope also has the logo - to connect to the campaign, and the address - so the  customer knows where the letter is from and to also provide the address to the customer too.

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