Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OUGD503 // Wedding // Inserts design

For both the invitations there is extra information that needs to be given to the guests, for this I decided to do them as small inserts which would be placed inside the invitation as this would provide the needed information, but not something that has to be kept like the invitation would be.
With that in mind, the inserts were designed to be more disposable and not to be made to look so perfect and well crafted.

The size of the inserts is A7 which makes the most of a sheet of paper and helps save the cost of printing. The inserts are double sided - one side holds a poem about giving gifts and the other has information about the hotel.

Gift poem - this was provided by the client and i have basically set the text out within the size of the insert. Adding the heart at the top ties it in with the invitation and keeps it looking consistent across all products.

The hotel information was harder than the one above as there was more information to include, but it was possible to fit it into the given size. With the added title in the accent colour this again ties it in with the other products and makes it consistent with the rest of the products.

The inserts may not look the best or be designed to the best of the ability but the client was happy with them and they were designed to be read by the guest and then thrown away, which in this case the design of them does that. Also saving cost for printing was key - hence the size of them to fit to an A4.

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