Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // NEW IDEA

So after deciding that the old idea was out in the bin and i needed to come up with a new and better way to engage with my target audience in able to make them have a break within the workplace.

I am focussing this idea on HAVING FUN and playing around with PROCRASTINATION.

The New Idea:
To produce a activity book for the working professional. This will engage them in a page by page puzzle game, but with a twist. Everything within the book has to be done in the book. The user will be instructed to do certain things on each page, go different places, do different things, but it all in centred around using the book.
The book is the way in which the user will have a break. By taking them away from their work, their desk, that mind frame, they will be doing something completely different, something that has no meaning to anything they do, but something that is fun.
Using the book for 3 minutes at a time, will enable the user to have a short break from their work, refresh their mind and eyes, but once they have started using the book, they will want to go back - this is how it becomes a way in which the user will have regular breaks. Even maybe use it for longer than 3 minutes, but does it matter? no because anything goes with this activity book.

The products to be produced:
Activity book:
- Things the user can do in the workplace
- Interaction with office equipment
- Making the user get away from the computer and their desk
- Involve other colleagues
- Portable - be able to use on the go, on the train / bus / tube etc
- Each page will link together into a long step by step puzzle game.

- user interactivity
- similar to the publication
- made up of puzzles / levels
- 3 minute timer built in
- complete as many 'levels' as possible in the time given
- same sort of puzzles as in book.

Rewritten Brief:

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