Sunday, 20 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Stickers

A part of the campaign packs i thought it would be a good idea to include stickers, seen as thought the product is a activity book, accompanying it with stickers seems to make sense!
I have designed 6 stickers, which when cut out with be the size of A5 which is the size of the activity book, so that fits in well with it too. 

The design of the stickers has come from all the parts of the activity book. The logo, elephant and all doodles have been used to create the designs. The top two are general promotion stickers, the second two are using the doodles and advertising the activity book. The last two are about getting rid of stress by using the activity book.  

The main logo made into the sticker, this is to promote the brand and campaign.

The elephant is taken from the newspaper and again is to bring the newspaper to light and hopefully make more people read it, the animal  is relevant when you read the context it is put in. On the sticker here is also provides a good illustration for visually needs.

These two stickers use the activity book illustrations. These are to bring the hand drawn illustration back into play and to promote it more. The top i more about the campaign the itself and you could tell what it was about / to do by the symbols on there. The second is just a collection of the illustrations - to tie the products together. 

The paper aeroplane symbolises having fun. Kids always find making aeroplanes fun and so this is taken to be put into context. The illustration also adds to the sticker design and makes it more interesting to look at.

The tag line on this sticker explains what the footsteps are there for. Its all about going in the right direction, so take the right steps. This is my favourite sticker, because i think it is the most though out one, everything is placed in the right space and it looks good to look at and explains itself too/

These stickers are meant to be part of the whole idea of 'having fun' which i think the design of them does this. It is using the hand drawn doodles which make it more personal to the user.

Images of stickers:

Full images of sticker sheet - this is A5 size in total with 6 stickers attached. The size was determined by the size of the publication, i did it this size, so that they can either go inside the activity book or to sit underneath it so you can't  see through to it straight away.

Full shot again.

Close up of the two middle stickers - illustration stickers - to promote the hand held aspect and that they can do it themselves.

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