Sunday, 20 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Finished Newspaper

When i was doing my first idea, i had initially started to design a newspaper, this would contain information about stress and how to overcome it, along with information on the facts and stats of stress for employees and employers.
When i changed to my new idea, i thought that i wouldnt need to this anymore, but when i had the crit they said that if i was to target this at occupational heath professionals then the newspaper would be relevant because it would be informing them with relevant stats and facts and information about stress, which they would actually sit and read.
After the crit i then finished the newspaper, which i needed to finish the last two double page spread - these were the infographic pages, once this was done i could send off for it to be printed.


The first half of the newspaper is about stress and the causes and ways to combat it. The second half is about the fact and stats of stress on you and your company you work for. 
The newspaper has been designed in a business like manor, with very generic typefaces, a 2 colour scheme and being of a formal and minimal layout. I have designed it in this way because the target audience is a health professional and wants to be able to read the information that is straight to the point. The idea of it being a newspaper is that it is something working city professionals tend to read, be in transportation, in the office or in a coffee shop. 
I think that the design of this has worked out how i wanted it to be and i believe that it is designed right for the target audience. I am happy with the design of it, but when i have looked through it there is some spelling mistakes which i have corrected, but i had already sent it to print by then!

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