Friday, 11 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // App design

When in the crit, i asked about the web aspect of my brief as i hadn't thought about that much and was still in the process of thinking how to apply the idea to web.
Once suggestion was to design a phone app - i thought this would be a great idea, as the idea would lend itself to that easily.
When i started to think about it and sketch some ideas out, it became more apparent that it suited it great. I even thought it would be something that i would download and play.

Design sheets

Initial ideas on the interface of the app. I wanted to keep it simple as i didnt want the interface to distract from the game itself. Choosing the one i did (top middle) was the best from the lot in my opinion - there was room for improvements and things could be changed within the layout of it still.

Explaining the different game modes of the game and how they will work.

Game mode one - drawing.
The start of the app icon design.

More development of the app icon.

Information interface - how it will look on the about and instructions screen - this is just as important as the game itself as most people will read this part before playing the game.

Game mode interfaces. writing and clicking / selecting along  description of how they will work.

first initial ideas on the information screens.

After doing the initial designs i did start to really enjoy doing the app and moved straight onto designing it digitally. I believed that i had thought it out pretty well above and transferred exactly what i had designed to digital and it worked a treat.

First initial screen that appear when the app is launches

information interface and information screens with content included.

Game interface - within the game the skip button will appear after 10 seconds.

Writing interface - will appear as first screen looks, once tapped on the screen the keyboard will appear to enter the answer.

Selecting an answer interface - tap on the screen on the chosen answer to answer the question - once you have tapped an answer a dotted circle will appear to highlight the chosen answer.

Drawing interface - Draw with your finger tip - when appears will show the colour pallete at the bottom of the page, when a colour is selected a blue ring will appear around the outside of the chosen colour.

To present the app and what i will submit for the hand in of this project, i have mocked each screen onto a iphone to show it in context i have then placed these within presentation boards to make easy to view.

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