Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Products

After the crit today it was clear that I needed more than just the book and website for this brief, so I have expanded upon this to create a range of products for the outcomes.

Print outcomes
- activity book

- stress newspaper - this is a publication which informs about stress it will be part of the whole collection and be used for those that want to find out about stress, but more to inform the companies and health industries about it.
I am unsure weather to package this with the book.
- A4 information poster - this will advertise the use of the book and about it inside the packaging.

- Packaging - the package the above items together so it can be posted.

Web products
- website - to advertise the book and the idea behind it all - homepage plus 4 linked pages

- App design - this will consist of the same ideas and products as the publication except it will be for on the phone
As I can't design the app myself I will do it through screenshots of the different key elements of the app.

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