Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OUGD503 // Wedding // Evening invitation design

I had been told that the design of the invitation was quite open but i know they wanted to keep to traditional and use hearts within the design, so i came up with a couple of inside insert ideas.

These first design are ideas i had straight away and work within the limitations that i was given for the brief. I thought that this provided some different ideas to be shown and could be adapted easily if anything needed changing.
The general consensus was they liked the heart jigsaw and the outlined heart, so from that i went away and combined the two ideas together to create some more variations. 

Here i have combined them together and created two different designs. 
The colours in all the designs are just there to show what it would be like, as i didnt know that colour at the point of designing them.


From the initial designs i started doing i combine them together to create the design the client liked at the time, they later changed their mind against having the jigsaw heart and just a solid heart. Also the colour was set to be a darker royal blue, i was given a piece of card to try and match to.

Accent colour to work with.

Finalised design. 

This later became the evening invitation, as for the day time invitation they wanted it to be a more lavish invitation and had to hold more information.

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