Thursday, 24 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Presentation boards

For the final crit i created some presentation boards to show in my presentation, these are also the final presentation boards which were one of the deliverables.

I found that the crit was useful in that I got to practice presenting to a group of people and it being about something that i knew alot about. I think that i presented well, i spoke about the product and the presentation boards showed images of this. I took along the printed products with me and was able to stand at the front and show these two. I think i spoke clearly and informative about the my project to make it make sense to everyone else.

In terms of a crit I didnt fit it useful at all, because i got no feedback - when i asked if there was any questions, no asked anything and the only comment was why was 'wander' was spelt with an 'a' and not a 'o'. I received no real feddback on the work or anything which i would normally expect at a final crit. So in this instance i thought they werent very good at all.

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