Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Crit feedback

Today we had the second crit on this project. I was very optimistic going into this as I have just changed my idea to something new.
This aside I went with the relevant information and some designs that I had knocked up to show the idea and how it would work.

After explaining the idea to the group I started to ask the questions I wanted feedback on.
I started by asking if this was a better idea - I'd was a yes all round the table,so that gave me great confidence.

The idea was taken well,everyone believed that it would help and be of use.

The aesthetics of the publication was greeted with grate enthusiasm and was favoured over the others.

The main thing I wanted feedback on was how to translate this to web. I spoke about doing an online version, but instead i was told a better idea would be to use the website to promote the product.
This could include information on stress - which I have plenty of.
Information about the publication and how it can help.
Little tips which can be used as a way to advertise the book and entice people into using the book.

Another suggestion was to design an app, this would be the same content as the book but for the phone, it could be used on the go and be there to hand all the time.
I thought this was a great suggestion and will take that onboard.

The other question was about the distribution and where it would be used. The idea behind it would be that it would work along side the MIND charity and be something they could distribute.
It would be sent out to companies which would disperse it throughout the company.
Along with this it is a health information book, so it could be used within hospitals, doctors, therapist and local health centres.
Because this isn't my own campaign, it is products for the MIND charity, I don't need to do promotion through the means of posters etc. the website will do this along with the book itself.

At the end Lorriane mentioned that because it could be used within the health industry the newspaper about stress could still be used and be part of the whole project. I am unsure weather it would be packaged with the book or not.

Overall the crit gave me great feedback and cleared a lot of questions that I had about the brief.

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