Sunday, 20 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Identity Folder

After designing all the company identity, i thought it would be a good idea to present these in the form of a folder. This would house everything together in one place and be something good to look at.

I want the folder to be simple and to carry on the same design aspects as the rest of the identity products.
The folder will be a simple two fold folder and have a pocket on the second panel. This will hold the sheets of paper which there will be 4 A4's and 2 compliment slips. These should fit inside would there needing to be a tab / depth on the folder because it will only be thin.

The business card will slot in the front of the pocket in a holder.

On the front of the folder i will do the title / company name in card. This will be laser cut out of white card and the company name will show through in the blue stock colour. This is the reverse of the business card and therefore will tie in with the rest of the identity products.

Images of Identity Folder:

Image showing the title of the identity folder. This is the reverse of the business card and so relates to the printed products. The white card has been laser cut to show the blue stock through it make the '3 minute wander' stand out and able to read.

Image of the front of the identity folder. I have used the blue stock as this has been used throughout the project - on the publication too. This ties in with the blue colour scheme used within both the publication and newspaper. 

Inside the identity folder. Inside the folder there is a main pocket which holds the printed identity products. This is slightly wider than A4 so that the A4 letters can be held in here too. On the front of the pocket there a cut out to hold the business card, this can hold two business cards. As a whole this is good way to keep all the printed together in one place and displays it in a aesthetically pleasing way, whilst still being in keeping with the style and colour of the campaign.

Above are images of the identity file - this is to hold all the company identity together in one place. It is useful to hand out to anyone to show what the company is about and how it designed through print media. I think it sets the company off and makes it seem better as everything is consistent and works across all formats. The folder is made from dark blue stock and has a white card laser cut title. 

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