Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OUGD503 // Wedding // Day invitation designs

For the day invitations the clients wanted the design to be a folded invitation that has a perforated RVSP slip attached to it.
I wanted to keep all the invitations tied together and work as a set, so i based this invitation off the evening invitation having the inside and main section of the invitation the same size and shape. This would then have two flaps either side and the RSVP on the bottom, it made sense to be designed that way to make use of the a sheet of paper and to work as an actual invitation.

Net for the day invitation

Breaking down each section of the net

How the net folds to create the folded invitation

Initial Designs
Again the colours of the original designs was used as only the purpose to show what it would look like. 
As you can see the main information area is based on the evening invitation. The design is quite traditional but modern at the same time, the line artwork amongst the text makes the invitation more interesting and pleasing to the eye. 

RSVP slip.

The design itself didnt need that much alteration, the client liked the original design, so that was great, i just went through the design to change the colour to the correct accent colour and made sure all the spacing and text was accurate.

RSVP slip.

Back of invitation - The back of the invitation holds "wedding invitations" words, designed by nathan bolton and a quote which would be on the reverse side of the RSVP slip. 
Again the design of this would be kept simple - once printed hearts cut out of different stock will be stock with 3D pads on the front of the invitation. 

Quote which was given by the client to be included in the design, this is placed on the reverse side of the RSVP slip and will be the first thing you see as you unfold the invitation - which is what they wanted. 

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