Friday, 11 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Activity book design

The activity book is the main print product of the project and the idea and design of it is something different to what i would normally do, so this is good practice for me. 
The book will have a hand drawn feel to it, i will use a hand drawn typeface and there will be little doodles on the pages - these will be done by me using my tablet to draw them in. 
As the whole idea of the book is that the user fills it in, there isn't a lot of design to the layout or content as the content is pretty much the title and thats all. 

Mock up designs, showing what the pages will look like and some ideas of the illustrations that could be used. 

Publication screen shots:
Here are some screenshots from the finished publication. I am really happy with the publication, i thought it was going to be quite tricky as its not my usual style and a lot of hand drawn elements to it, but i have actually really enjoyed playing around with the tablet and doodles. The layout was quite tricky with the content as there wasn't a lot to go in it, but it still needed to look good and entice the user to use the product, i think i have achieved that - i would use it if i saw it!

Full Publication:

The publication has no front cover because i am designing that separate, and it is going to be on a blue stock to keep in theme with the rest of the products. I am going to laser cut the title out of the stock so it shows through into the book itself.

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