Monday, 14 January 2013

OUGD503 // Fedrigoni // Section covers

For each booklet within the Z bind i am going to put a section cover page. This will have the title of the booklet within the branding lines i set out to use and have the symbol that matches each section.

For the symbol part i decided that i should have each one displayed on each cover, but to determine which is right for that section, have the shaped filled in, instead of being outlined.

The shapes together like this in a line work really well on the cover page and sit together really strong, i think it adds the geometric element to the publication and makes it something abit more having the symbols and sections matching together. 

I will also include the Fedrigoni logo in the bottom corner of the pages.

These cover pages are going to be printed on trace. They will be the full A5 size and therefore cover over all the pages. I though using the trace would be interesting because you would still get the colours and shapes of the pages beneath showing through and bringing the whole section together as one. 

Heres how they look:

stationery cover

packaging cover

publishing cover

self adhesive cover.

I think that these will work really well once put in context and together with all the other pages, hopefully once printed tomorrow it will all start to come together as one and be what i imagined it to be.

Covers in context:

Publishing front cover

close up of cover design

packaging cover design

self adhesive cover design

stationery cover design

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