Thursday, 24 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for Print // Final Products

The final products for the Design for Print brief:
I am happy with the products that I have designed and created. The only thing that i am not happy with was the binding of the publication at the end. The first side of this went really well and looks good, but the second side - print production and finishes didnt go as planned and the pages aren't aligned throughout the publication. As a perfectionist this has really annoyed me, but now its bound together theres nothing i can really do.
I have enjoyed using the different materials and working with different stocks throughout this brief, it has been good to experiment with different techniques too. I have enjoyed designing the publications and I believe that they are one of the best publications i have designed and this is because i have taken more time in developing the idea and working out what would work best for it.

The only last thing I wish i would of been able to do is to actually make the box the publication and sample pack would have been posted in. I had a box in mind but it became out of stock when i wanted to buy it and it wasn't back in stock in time. I tried to make the box myself but it went terribly wrong I it would have made the overall look of the project really bad, so i decided to stop that idea. I have proposed what the box would be and how i would want it to look, but not got it actually made unfortunately.


Presentation boards:

Presentation boards showing images of the three final products

Final Images:

A collection of all the images i have taken for the final products of this project.

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