Thursday, 17 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for Web // Finished Website

After getting the homepage finished and working out the rest of the pages, i have finally finished the website. I have had some issues along the way, in particular with lightbox, but with the help from simon i have managed to get it finished and all working properly.

The website homepage in the safari full window.

Homescreen - displays main image and information on VW camper vans

T1 page - shows the different models and main information along the bottom.

Above two images, shows the information that pops up when you click on each image - by using lightbox i have managed to achieve this. Although the image quality isnt very good, but this is because it needs to be low for the loading time - but as you can see it not that clear. I would propose that i would use something different to lightbox to show this, if it was a live website.

T2 page.

T2 page with extra information

T3 page

T3 page with extra information shown.

T4 page

T4 page with extra information shown.

T5 page

T5 page with extra information.

I am happy that i have now finally finished the website. It was great learning something new and something that i have enjoying doing too. It is definitely beneficial to me as i will now be confident in designing website and it can be something that i can add to my skill sets. 

The website itself I am happy with. I don't think the design is to the best that it could be and i would make improvements if i had the time to go back to it again. For my first ever website i have designed and coded i think it is a good attempt and something that i can build from.  

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