Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OUGD504 // design for print and web // Illustrations

As part of the newspaper and booklets part of the content will be illustrations to visual the text and make it more visual within the publications.

To run with the MIND campaign i am going to use there information for the front cover of the newspaper which is:
"1 in 6 workers experience depression, anxiety or stress"
"Thats the elephant in the room"
The elephant refers to the illnesses which are taking over and are a burden.
For this i want to use a elephant to go on the front cover and run within the newspaper.

The first elephant is defiantly the better one.

Next, one of the booklets is going to be on relaxation techniques, for this i have drawn diagram to illustrate the positions of the techniques to go along with the text. 
For these illustrations i wanted to keep them looking hand drawn, as i wanted these booklets to be more a bit more laid back and fun, so i have kept this style within the illustrations.

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