Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Products

As i have been researching more into the stress related illnesses at work, i have come across a charity which specialises in this. They have a campaign about stress in the workplace, but it is only a section within their website that holds all the information, there is no sort of promotional materials or printed products to support this. As the information is all relevant to what i am doing and the exact resources that i needed to find out, i think it makes sense to run my project along with this, instead of it being in association with the NHS i will you this charity which is called MIND. I have therefore got alot of research and key information i need, but i will back it up with the research i have already done.

The products are still going to be the same as i set out to do:

physical activity
healthy eating
what to do on your lunch break
general - more about the facts and how it can help.

These booklets will be A6 in size, to make them pocket sized, as the user can then carry them around with them. The booklets will inform the user of tips and ways they can manage and overcome stress at work.

facts and stats
what causes it
how to identify being stressed
effects of stress

This product is the main key holder of the information. It will contain all the main information about stress and what is it. It will display facts and stats of employees and employers effects of stress.

Poster A2, A3, A4
identifying stress
overcoming stress

These posters are to be used within the workplace and also for promotion of the whole project.

Holds all the information above but online, with extra resources and links out to other places that can help.

A secondary way to find out all the information above. This will hold the same information with more added and links to other websites which can also help with stress.

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