Thursday, 24 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Final Products

The final products of the 3 Minute Wander campaign:

This consists of -
- Activity book
- Newspaper
- Stickers
- Packaging
- Identity folder
- Business cards
- Headed Letters
- Compliment Slip
- Envelope
- Website
- App

Here are the final products of this project. I am very happy with the products that i have produced and how the brief has turned out in the end. I found this brief difficult to start off with and found myself going in the wrong direction from the beginning, but after changing the idea and getting back on track, i think i have done a lot and produced good work within the time i had left, i definitely prefer this to what i was previously doing.
This brief has proven to myself that i can design a lot in a short limited time provided that i am focussed on what to produce and the direction to design in. Also the variety of products that i could design for one main outcome has been great here, i have expanded on things every time i have thought i have finished and ended up designed alot of products around this one idea.
Bringing the web and print together in this brief has worked to my abilities the best, i feel that the print outcomes are stronger than the web, but i have to make the web the best i could, by treating it as a print product itself, i did this because i wanted everything to have a consistent style and to work across all formats and media.
I believe if i was to carry on this project and expand it more it could be a viable campaign.


Printed Products:

Presentation boards

Presentation boards of the final printed products.

Final Images:

Collection of all images taken of the final printed products


Presentation boards of the App to show how it works.

Presentation boards of the web element and this works online, also showing the development of the site.

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