Tuesday, 1 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Plan of newspaper

I have started to think about the design of the newspaper and what it will include inside it. I want to newspaper to hold all the important information and key facts about stress related work illnesses. This will be the main collect of information and will be presented in way that will attract the city workers - hence it being a newspaper in the first place.

front cover - 3 minute wonder logo // "1 in 6 workers experience anxiety, stress and depression, thats the elephant in the room" // image of elephant // issue number etc

page 1 - 2 - What is stress?

page 3 - 4 - how to identify stress

page 5 - 6 - effects of stress

page 7 - 8 - facts and stats

page 9 - 10 - facts and stats

back cover - hold information about being in association with MIND mental health charity.

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