Thursday, 17 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print // Packaging

For the packaging of the two products i was going to make a box. My attempt at this was rubbish and it didnt even make a box properly, so i then thought i could buy one and adapt it and add more to it to make it fit within my work.

This would be the style of box i would use. I was going to purchase this above in the right size that would fit everything, but it is out of stock, so i am not able to use this. I have searched the web for endless hours trying to find one that fill fit the products and i havent found any other.

So i propose that the publication and sample pack would come in a box in this style:

On top of the box lid i would have something that fits in with the rest of the front covers.

This would be the lid that incorporates the design from the publication. It would be done in the exact same process - laser cut into grey board with coloured paper stuck behind to show the colour coming through on the writing. I have decided that i am going to use red for this packaging. 

Here are images of the final cut lid of the box. Here i have taken the same approach as the publication and sample pack front covers - using the laser cutter. I have used the red stock underneath for it to show through and the bottom corner has #1 2 3 for each individual aspect of the print manual. I am happy with the lid of the box and think it is in keeping with the rest of the designs, I wish i could have actually done the box, but without being able to order the box, theres no way in doing this. 

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