Friday, 11 January 2013

OUGD504 // Design for print and web // Activity book front cover

As stated in the last post the front cover is serperate to the publication design because it doesnt involve being printed. I am going to laser cut the title out of the stock, so it show through into the booklet. The first page of the booklet is to be left blank, so it show the colour of the stock inside.

I wanted the cover to be simple so it looked sophisticated to appeal to the target audience.

This is the design that will be cut into the stock.
I am going to use a dark blue stock.

Images to show the laser cut front cover. When i backed the blue stock onto the white stock to make it a thicker cover, i found that the smaller laser cut bits kept flapping up off the page, so i have stuck these down as well to make everything neat and tidy.

After cutting the front cover, which cut really well except for the smaller, thinner details - when it cut the w, m, n, the card has become quite frail - well them parts have anyway. I dont think that the stock is thick enough to be a front cover, it will be easy to bend and crumple etc, so not very protective. 

Because of this i am going to change the design slightly, i will still use what i have cut out, but i am going to mount it onto a second stock - either something plain and simple or maybe something that has some texture or pattern to it - fedrigoni papers. This will make it thicker and more protective but still have the same sort of idea as the initial idea. 

Also this means i can rearrange the first couple of pages within the publication for it to make more sense and run in a better order.

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