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OUGD504 // Separate Brief Evaluations

Evaluation of OUGD504 Design Production module. This is broken down into the three separate briefs which made up the module.

The first brief – Design for print.
This brief has been my favourite, I have learnt a lot about print and how it works within the industry, my knowledge of this has grown an incredibly and it’s very useful because I am interested in this area.

Designing throughout this brief was a joy; this was the best publication and my favourite that I have designed so far. I took a different approach to this than any other I had before. I sat down for a couple of days and worked on the layout, doing sheets to get a wide variety of layouts in the first place. From this I selected the best ones and digitalised them, when it came to designing the actual publication I could just drop the text and images into the layout. This process was so much easier and simpler than anything before. It also made a better designed and thought out publication in the long run.

Throughout this brief I have experimented with different types of print, using different techniques again this has taught me a lot and shown me more things to learn and get the grip of. Printing techniques are definitely something that I am interested in and want to explore more. The use of the laser cutter within the brief has been considerable. My main publication, sample folder and proposed packaging all contain the laser cutter – I think I have used this to the best I could and produced something which is different to anything I would usually do. Mixing the stock and colours together has made an interesting design process and outcome and something I have enjoyed doing along the way - this brief has shown me that this area is what I am interested in and exploring this more is what I should be doing throughout this year for going into my third year.

The outcomes of this brief I think are really good; they are of a great standard and work fully as set. The only thing I am disappointed with is the fact I haven’t been able to make / get a box for the products to be packaged in. I have the lid made and that gives an idea of what it will look like but still I would have liked to actually make it and finish off the brief completely. Other than that I am happy with what I have done and how it has turned out.

The Second Brief – Design for Web
With this brief this is the one that I have learnt the most. Before this I had never done any sort of sort design. I knew some basic html coding, but nothing to build an actual website.

The workshops we initially had were very useful and I found these great in telling me what I needed to do, but I felt as though I learnt the most when I sat down and started to design the website itself. In this brief we had to deign a site around our summer brief – at this point I was pretty fed up with my summer brief choice and didn’t really want to do it, but I had to for the brief.

To start with I tried to do something too complicated and my camps made no sense, but then I simplified this down. In doing this I realized that usability of the site wasn’t very good and it was hard to navigate through all the images, so I changed the design again. The last design was the best for the content that I had. This design involved using lightbox, but I didn’t want it as standard, so I had to edit the css myself – this was a massive learning curve, knowing what to delete and what did what was good to find out and change, a lot of the time I was guessing at first – then once I worked it out, I knew which areas did what.

I am pretty happy with the website I have created for this brief. I don’t think that it is the best looking site and there are things that I would change with it now, but I am glad that I have done it and learnt what to do through this website. If you compare it to the website in the Print and Web brief, you can see how much more I have learnt and put into practice on that site – it looks a lot better aesthetically and is much more technical than the first website. I am glad that we have done this brief and learnt about web design, because it was something I had been wanting to look into but I had no idea about it in the first place, now I feel as though I can design a basic website and would be confident taking on a brief about building a website for a client. It is a skill that I am going to be able to carry through all my time as a design and something new that I can offer as a designer.

The Third Brief – Design for Print and Web
I believe that the work that I have produced for this project has been very good. Given the time that I have produced the final outcomes in, I think I have done really well with the project, once I had changed the idea and got it to the right stage and on track I did actually enjoy doing it.

I took on a different approach to designing this project and used a more hand drawn style by using a tablet, this proved to be a success. I firstly enjoyed using this process and doing the drawings and I think the aesthetics of it really work with the idea and concept of the publication.
Throughout the project I have tried to try as many new processes and used different stock to produce the final products. In terms of printing and printing techniques I do wish that I could of experimented with this more but the products I have designed don’t really lend themselves to any of the techniques.

I have worked with new stock in creative ways, using the trace for packaging and designing and printing the newspaper. The publication was bound using binding screws, which is something I have never tried before and another binding technique I can add to my portfolio. This was really successful with the publication and I really do like the aesthetics of screws with the publication. The company identity was a favourite of mine, once I had the idea I could apply it across the different formats which I loved doing - even coming up with the idea for the branding was good and something I enjoyed. Creating the business cards was good too, as I got to be creative with stock and use the laser cutter to create the front of the business card – this also got around the dreaded double sided printing. The branding side of things I love and really do like the outcome I created for it.

Overall I am happy with the products that I have designed and created for this brief. The brief was tough when I first started and made me think a lot about it, but in doing this I have learnt a lot about briefs and how to break them down in the first instance. Within the brief I was heading the wrong way and designing down the wrong route, enough to make me not want to do it anymore, but being able to turn that around when I had been working on it for longer than I had left on the brief amazed myself. It has given me a lot of confidence in what I can actually do in a limited amount of time and I have learnt that I do work well under pressure. This brief has been a good learning curve for me and even though its not one of my favourite and I have enjoyed doing it and it has been useful for myself as a designer.

Module Overview
Looking at the module as a whole, it has been a great learning curve throughout all the briefs and I liked the end brief combining the two new aspects we had previously learnt. Looking back at this module and the work I have created, I am very happy with it all and I think as a module I have done a lot of work, more than what I thought. It has been a long module and lasted a long time, but it doesn’t feel that way, especially within these last few weeks.

This module has made me experiment with new techniques, work with stock and look at stock in a different way to make sure it is what I need and how to apply it. I have learnt new technical skills through web design and within the adobe suite too for getting work ready for print. It has been a great module, with lots of useful information for me as designer; I have enjoyed each brief and produce some of the best work I believe.

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