Thursday, 1 March 2012

Life Lessons//final decisions

I have started doing some designs for some of the life lessons, but as i had more than what i needed i thought it'd be good to decide on the ones i actually want to use, then i know which i need to produce designs for.

life is a story, make yours the best seller
music is life
two heads are better than one
money isn't everything
take your time

digital print:
draw now think later
be cool, be calm, be brave, be wise, just be
time waits for nobody
life goes on
life is a journey full of obstacles

its the little things that count
trust your gut
live in the moment
if you want it, do it
nothing is impossible

follow your dreams
make mistakes
stop thinking and act
hard work always pays off
never fear the unknown

learn the rules then player better
be honest it builds trust
its not all about looks

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