Thursday, 1 March 2012

Who Are You//Kathryn Brooks

For my double spread i have been looking at the interview we did with each other and trying to find some links out to things which could produce some imagery for the DPS/style i could work with. I have also looked at her blog at some of her work to look at the style of work she likes to work within.

Throughout the interview we did she mentioned a few times about different decades and wanting to go back in time to experience these specifically the 60's. So i am going to use this element within the DPS, using 60's patterns and designs for the style of the DPS.
I also looked at her work which the last project we did - 100 things she did work on the 60's too so i think using this will be a good idea for sure. I think i am going to do some of design for her in this sort of style using her favourite designer as inspiration - Mark Weaver.

For the rest of the DPS i am going to do it as a sort of profile on kathryn, adding extra questions in which i have made up from looking at things on her blog. The title of the spread is going to be 'getting to know kathryn brooks'

From this i started on drawing out some designs and some layouts for the spread.
Design Sheets

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