Thursday, 15 March 2012

Who Are You//Colour Variations

Now i have the final layout and have put all the content within it, i am going to start to look at the colours within the layout.
For the interview section i want to seperate the question and answer by using colour.

Here i have looked at using the different blues within the illustration on the DPS, i feel that the middle blue works the best because it is dark enough to stand out on the page and it is the most readable of the three.

Full section of writing in the right colour

Second section of writing in the right colour.

To sperate the two interviews i wanted to have a title put at the side of the text to make it more interesting and so it doesn't use up any of the space for the interview. I was looking at using different colours. For this i did have limited colours i could use because the questions are in the dark blue, there is the purple line which i want to carry on and underline the heading. 
Title in light blue, this works with the purple well, but i don't think it fits with the dark blue of the interview question.

Title in the pale yellow, this again works nicely with the purple underlining and fits in well with the interview question. It is less legible than the blue, but i don't want it to stand out, i want it to be slightly faded within the DPS, so you can see it, but not so its the first thing your eye sees, so i think this one fits the best.

Colour Variations of the illustration page

Originally i had the two headings below in the same colour which was the purple, i choose this colour because i didn't want to introduce another colour into the DPS as there already is 3, so i chose from the colours that had been used already. This stands out and works well, as there isn't a lot of purple within the illustration it fits nicely one the page and looks balanced, it picks out the purple in the illustration.

Trying the headings in the dark blue, again this does stand out in the page and is readable, but as there is a lot of blue within the illustration, i feel that is overpowers this colour and the page looks unbalanced as there is too much of one colour; blue.

Sticking with the blue, on the second heading i lowered the opacity, because the two heading are supposed to show Kathryn's main information about each section of the interview, so using that at different opacities splits these and shows the comparison between them. But again i don't think it looks right with the blue, because there is too much of it within this page and the DPS as a whole.

Mixing the two colours up, this on it own doesn't work, the two colours don't work together the best and then with the illustration introduced to the page it makes it even worse, so i defiantly don't like this design.

With this one i used the purple colours again, but using the different opacities to separate the two headings. I think that this works the best, as it balances out the majority of the blue and picks out the purple in the illustration. This is my favourite out of them all.

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