Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Telling the truth//box

The box is the vital part of our project, this is what the installation is going to be presented in so we needed to get it right. We had the intentions of making the box out of wood with a perspex front and lid, which  we went and spoke to the people at woodwork to get this done, unfortunately when we went to collect the box today (when it should of been finished) they hadn't even started making it! So the wooden box wasn't going to made in time for us to put everything inside it etc for friday.
We decided to go for our back-up plan - making it out of cardboard. We thought even if we just had this for the crit then we can show how it was going to look like and how the interaction will work. As we were making it, we thought why not use this as the actual box, we had made it from mount board so it was strong and we made it pretty neatly so we have decided to use this as the actual box. At the end of the end it is only for the audience to put the slip in it doesn't need to be that strong as its only holding paper!

Construction of the box for the installation, using mount board, as you can see it is made rather well and neat so we can use this as the final thing.

To attach the separate panels together we had to tape the edges together this left tape round the edges of the box, so to disguise this we are going to wrap the box with either a design or some coloured stock.

After we made the box, we had plenty of time in the day left, so we got the template for the panels inside the box which we are going to stick the 3d diamonds to and printed these off, this would take the work load off for the next day. These designs have 2 functions, the first is that we have set the diamonds out in a pattern which once printed and cut out can be stuck to the panels really easily and quickly, getting the work done quicker and also adds a colour to the inside of the box.

First side panel - we haven't stuck these onto the box yet as we are going to stick the diamonds to the sheet first then stick the sheet to the box walls, this will be an easier process and make sure everything is in the correct position.

 Now we have the side panels in place, we cut out the back panel and placed this into the box too - just so we could get an idea of what it is going to look like.

For the rest of the box we have to cut out the diamonds for the inside of the box. We have made a lid with a slot in for the slips, but we can't put this on till last obviously. 
We did have difficulty thinking of how to get the clear front of the box, we wanted it to be clear still which only left us with using acetate - this was the best as we can print directly onto it, but then we couldn't figure out how to attach this to the box. In the end we have cut a frame out of mount board which will be stuck to the box, like the rest has and then the acetate can be stuck to the back of the frame to make it look like a transparent front. The only issue is that it will have a small border around the edges, but that shouldn't matter.

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