Friday, 9 March 2012

Telling the truth//Final Crit

Today we had we had our final crit with jo and amber, this was in a different format to normal as it was just our group and we were presenting it to jo and amber.

The crit didn't go that well to be honest. We explained the idea to jo and she didn't really understand what it was about, well she said she knew what we were trying to do, but the way we had done it wasn't the clearest and didn't portray the message as well. Which Amber agreed with.

What they did like was the idea of the public interaction, and the sticker and banners that go with it. Especially the stickers as they link to the vimeo page with the video on.

What they were saying about the concept was that there was no real way of measuring the outcome and the fact that when somebody puts a slip in the box they don't see a result straight away in front of them, they have to wait until it fills to the top, which people aren't going to wait around for.
Also the visuals for the box were confused, they didn't understand the names inside the box or how they related to the message until we explained this. The other that was said was that the installation doesn't actually deter people from lying, there is no outcome to it.

We also showed them the video which we had done in after effects, we explained that this wasn't the finished final piece and there was still work to do to it. They did like this aspect to the project and said that this was good and well executed, but measuring how many people that had participated in the installation had gone to watch the video would be hard and actually making these people watch the video too.

Basically they liked the video and the banner and stickers but didn't really understand the installation and how it would get the message across to the audience, they said they understood the concept but we just hadn't executed this right, but we were onto something.

So they told us to go away and try and make it work in time for monday or come up with something within the work we have done to make it work more efficient.

The results of this crit did dishearten our group a lot and we did all question the whole project, but we decided to try and make it work, or that maybe it was the way we were presenting to everyone that made it sound rubbish!

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