Friday, 23 March 2012

Postage Stamps//Final crit

The final crit went really well. It was meant to be a short 15 minute crit, but ours went on for quite a while as we were just talking about everyones idea.
But for my own idea it went really well. Everybody understood the concept behind it and took it on board well. It was said that the idea of changing the way of using cars is better because your not actually telling people to give it up just change the style of driving, which was my whole intention for it so that was good.
The imagery on the stamps had good feedback too, the use of red was questioned but i backed it up with my research on road signs, which once i explained this went down well.
As i printed the covers on two different papers, they were compared, i said that i preferred the matt finish one because it was more crisp and readable, but the other antique white paper was favoured because it gave a more eco feel. I suppose i was looking at it as a graphic designer and not the idea of eco-friendliness.

The idea of the challenge within the booklet was also given good feedback, because i was extending the idea of the stamps, taking into further but it was there to back up the idea on the stamps and the facts, so putting the facts into practice basically. Which is to engage the audience more.

The only thing i had which was negative was the the colour of the stamps was really uniformed throughout the stamps. They were repetitive, but i did that as they were a set. But i was told to maybe use different shades of the red or different colours of the road signs on each one. I took this on board and can be a way of developing the stamps anyway.
I did also mention that the text on the booklet needed looking at because it was pretty close to the edges, so this is to re-work but i knew that before i went into the crit anyway.

Altogether Jo took my idea and concept really well and liked the whole idea of changing something rather than telling people to give it up, the facts back this up and show that doing it you can save energy and money! She kept referring back to my idea throughout the crit as a good twist on which you can use the brief. So i am pleased and got some good feedback.

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