Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Who are you//Designs

For the double page spread i am working on for my partner i picked out a couple of things from the interview which i thought would be good to incorporate in the double page spread.

60's theme - illustration
I have done a quick 60's style pattern that i could use within the spread.
I started with this idea, using the simple pattern on the inside and having the title working within the pattern. The pattern is meant to be like an eye because the spread is about getting a closer insight on kathryn, so the imagery of an eye came to mind when i thought of this, the style of it is meant to be like a 60's pattern and I've used colours from the 60's too.

I thought the one above was too simple and was lacking more detail, so i expanded the pattern to create this, which i think is better but I'm not sure if its too much?

Experimenting with colour and changing the design slightly, I'm not too convinced with this one really.

I need to experiment with the pattern more, but i am happy with the initial idea and incorporating the title into the design too.

We had another indesign workshop this week, which i played around with the pattern more trying to get the right balance with the colour and the actual pattern

I decided on this pattern being the best and then looked at different type for the title and main headings. Out of these three here i prefer the first one, i like this because the type is a lot nicer, it works with the pattern well and it more readable all together.

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