Monday, 12 March 2012

OUGD406//Postage Stamps

A new brief in which we got given today, this is a 2 week individual brief. It was an actual RSA live brief, but we have missed the registration for it, so just running it as a normal brief but by the live brief details.

World with a future:
Design a set of stamps as a means of encouraging consumers to make positive environmental changes and educate future generations with regard to energy conservation, low-impact transport, zero-carbon housing and reducing water over-consumption.

4 stamps to scale
4x A3 presentation boards (as detailed in brief)
First day cover packaging
Promotional Material (if needed)

A3 presentation boards:
-what were your observations? show how your analysis of these observations gave you insight into the design opportunity
-your insights might be researched - based or intuitive, or a combination of both: relate the concept clearly to these insights
-make sure the judges know what specific issue or issues you have had to resolve int eh process of designing your solution
-tell the story so that we understand the context for your solution and the benefits it delivers.

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