Monday, 19 March 2012

Postage Stamps//Campaign

From the postage stamps that i am designing, i have thought up of running a sort of campaign but its more of a challenge for the drivers. Basically you would fill your car up like normal and drive like normal for a week, then the second week you would fill up the same amount but using the 6 steps to efficient driving see how much fuel you have saved over the week. This would hopefully encourage drivers to continue this style of driving and there use less fuel, helping the fuel economy in the world today.

This idea isn't really a campaign as it wouldn't be for a set time, because i want it to be carried on all the time for the drivers once they have tried this out. Also the stamps wouldn't be used in just a 2 week period, so if they were given out after the campaign had finished they'd make no sense.

To work with this then, i will produce a small leaflet, maybe the same size of the book of stamps, which would be provided with the stamps, this would explain the idea of the challenge and make the audience of the stamps aware of this. The leaflet will have some facts on which people have already completed to encourage more people to try it out, then a url or twitter could be provided to leave feedback/results on what they found.

A poster would be good, to promote the stamps in the first place and the campaign/challenge too!

I also need to come up with a name, which i did have to one to start with 'eco-drive' but when i looked this up on google a lot of car manufactures have used this within there range of cars for their 'eco' cars, so i need a re-think on that!

insert design sheets on poster and leaflet.

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