Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Postage stamps//Revised work

From the crit on friday i was given some feedback on the stamps that could be improved, these were:
- try changing the colour of the stamps to either different opacities or different colours
- on the front cover the spacing from the sides need to be increased and back of booklet needs looking at.


Same colour at different opacities

All different colours, but still in keeping with the road sign colours. Each stamp is a different colour of road sign.

Out of the two new design colours i have created, i think i like the red but at different opacities the most, this is because it is still in keeping with the idea of red and linking in with the road sign, which red road signs are giving you an order/warning so this to me makes more sense it being like this, with it being at different opacities it makes the stamps more interesting and they all stand out differently now instead of merging together.
I do the different colours one, but as a set of stamps together all the different colours make my eyes not know where to look when i see them, which isn't what i want to happen. 


For the booklet i basically just need to move the type around to give it more space from the edges. So i have moved everything in a little bit more. On the back page i had to resize the text at the bottom to make it more legible.

Printed versions of the revised stamps:

Second colours of the revised stamps

Out of the revised stamps that i have done, i didn't like any of them to start with but now i have printed them i think that the stamps in the different colours of red work the best. This is because when you look at them you can see a distinct difference in each stamp and it makes you look at them all individually, before it was just a blur of red stamps and you couldn't tell them apart.

With the coloured ones i think it is too much, the colours work together well, but it is too much when you fist see them and it doesn't appeal to the eye.
The best one is defiantly the red stamps in different shades of red, these are my final design of the stamps.

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