Friday, 9 March 2012

Telling the truth//Video

So today we as a group shooted the video for our installation, this was a preview of what would happen when the public participated with the installation and how the message is communicated to them. We also wanted to make this for the presentation on friday and monday as the day we actually put this out in the public will be after the presentation day.

images captured from the set up of the video:

This is the main video that we shot to show the outcome of the installation and what happens when you interact with it.

After we recorded the video we then took it to after effects which we edited it some more. Within the video we wanted to add some text to explain the installation and the effects it has, this also included the sticker logo that links you to the vimeo page.

After effects video - a preview of what the video will be, this is bad quality because we had to render it quickly in time for the crit, but the actual one will be in higher quality and have music in the background too.

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