Monday, 12 March 2012

Telling the truth//Final presentation

So today we had the presentations for our group work, to start with we finished our presentation off this morning whilst everyone was together and decided who was going to talk about eat element of the presentation.

Overall i think the presentation did go well, it defiantly went better than what we thought it would. The way in which we presented it made a difference i think. We played the video at the start of the presentation because this sort of explained the whole idea and concept in one, so we could then build upon this when explaining verbally to the group.
Our initial feedback after the presentation was that not everyone understood the product, which we new was going to happen, but once we had explained it they then understood it more, but the majority of the class did get the whole concept, but thought we hadn't got the visuals right for the message we were trying to convey.

More detailed feedback:
- liked the idea of it being a public interaction and trying something different to the norm of posters etc, but maybe needed more time to try and get it bang on with the visuals to communicate the message more and get the idea of getting people to tell the truth more.

- concept is good, but visuals make it confusing, once explained then it works well

- Liked the element of the video and thought was a good idea, maybe carry on with this idea more and do more videos. Getting the public to interact and video instead of being us thats doing it and maybe getting the public to talk about lying in an interview situation on camera - being truthful on camera.

- Idea was more fine art and visual than normal, which they liked the idea of but needed developing more.

Overall i do agree with all the statements that we were given at the end of the presentation, we knew as a group that it was going to be hard to explain and that people wouldn't understand it because of the way the crit on friday went, which in time we did realise this ourselves.
I think were we went wrong, was that we were adamant of using the box and having an installation inside the box, then because of this we focussed a lot on the visuals and getting them right and working throughout with the promotional material etc and lost sight of the actual message we were wanting to communicate. From this point on we thought it communicated the message, but thats because we understood it and got the whole idea of it because we came up with it.

I think this was my main downfall in it all, i knew the whole idea of it and could understand it because i was part of developing the idea with the group, but when we then put it in front of other people, i couldn't see how they wasn't understanding it and couldn't accept this because i knew about it and got it. I wasn't really looking at it from an outsiders point of view, someone who had no idea about any of the designs and ideas behind it, which i should of thought of really.

However i did enjoy this group work and working with the people that were in my group, we defiantly worked together well; every bit of design work needed was done by each individual, we split the work up well and all worked within the same style, everybody got on and had the same ideas so there was no conflicts and we were all in contact with other or if anything changed we made sure everyone knew and was happy with the decision. So the group did work really well together and couldn't really ask for a better one to work with.

I think we tried to be too ambitious, we noticed that everyone was doing something digital or something alone the lines of social networking, which is why we wanted to do something different, but i think we got lost in this process and was maybe out of hands a little, we defiantly lost focus on the communication of the idea but at the same time we did produce good graphic visuals, so i don't think that this brief was a failure because at the end of the day we produced a set of work, which was all branded the same, all conveying the same message and we did communicate to the audience because the views on our video prove this. Development on the concept would make this a lot better, but the idea is there which we were spot on with.

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