Thursday, 8 March 2012

Telling the truth//making of the installation

After our progress over the last couple of days we really wanted to push it today and get the installation made and ready. As the group was split up the majority of the day, this was a hard task, but we all did what we could when were free and managed to get everything done!

Cutting out each diamond shape and sticking them onto the back panels and then sticking the back panels onto the sides of the box, this process took quite a while in doing as there was a lot of cutting and then fiddling around sticking each one onto the back panels. Unfortunately everyone was busy in the afternoon, so i had to do this part on my own, it got very tedious!

Acetate font placed over the sides of the box, to see what it would look like

Wrapping the box, we decided that the box needed something on the outside, because you could see where we had stuck the sides of the box together with the tape and it made the box look messy and unprofessional, so we decided to use brown parcel paper to cover it because this was close to the colour of the inside and kept the colour theme on going.

After wrapping the box we then cut the acetate front down to side and stuck it to the inside of the front frame using double sided tape, this was quite tricky as it was hard to get down the sides just using the opening at the top, but we got there and this is the finished box.

I am really happy with the outcome of the box and so is everyone else in the group. I didn't really know what it was going to look like, because i couldn't tell at the start what the quality of finish on our own making skills were but i think we have done a good job of it and it looks really neat and tidy. Now the acetate is on the front, it makes a huge difference and the concept all makes sense now. The inside of the box is my favourite, choosing to use the foam board was a good idea and adds to the whole design, if it was just printed onto the back panels it would look poor, but this brings it up a level and adds a new depth to the whole design.

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