Monday, 19 March 2012

Postage Stamps//Creating the design

So to get from the original to the now finished design, give or take a couple of alternations i might make when designing the rest of the stamps, this was the process.

Original design on the left, i started by adding colour and trying different alterations of this.

After trying our the colour i decided that the petrol gauge didn't look right, and if i simplified it, i could make it bigger within the design, so it would be more legible. So this was the process in which i went to create the petrol gauge. The red line is to indicate how much fuel you are saving, which will be linked in with the text underneath by having the percentage in red too.

Finished designs with black writing

Finished designs with white writing

I feel as thought the white writing works best, as it stands out more on the red background. I also printed these two variations off and the white looked a lot better, it sits on top of the white nicer and is more legible, with the black the to colours are fighting for the attention and it becomes a blur. The white text also links in with the white box. Keeping the queens head and value of stamp in black separates that from the design and it sort of takes a back seat in the design; you can see that it is there but it doesn't jump out at you first, like the main text does.

The finished one was on the left, but when i came to designing the rest of them, i noticed the petrol gauge was sitting very close to the edge of the white box, which made it bait hard to see, so i made it a slight bit small to fit within the white box more, and i do think it makes the gauge stand out more now it has a clear white space around the whole of the object.

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