Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Life Lessons//Publication

So now that i have the majority of my designs done for the publication, i have started to collate them all together in an indesign document ready for the publication.
The publication is going to be the designs on one side and then some text about each one on the next page, I'm sure how this will work at them minute because i don't think there will be that much information for each design, but it could look good with the white space around it.

To start with i drew out some page layouts to test different ways in which i could layout the publication

From these layouts i have chosen the ones that i want to use within my publication.

Further progress of publication - layout with text.
To start with i tried out a few different layout options which could work for the text page. As there isn't going to be a lot of text i wanted to isolate it to the corner closest to the design, this will connect the information to the design and show more white space which i am wanting.

 With these different layouts i have tried it with both helvetica and bebas.

Out of the layouts i prefer the one that along the bottom near the solid line or the one which at the top but over two lines. My favourite it the the one with the title at the bottom, but i think i might use both because this will give the publication a variation throughout and not look exactly the same on each page. I prefer the title being in Bebas, the contrast between the two typefaces work better, as betas is a heavier weight font it stands out more from the body copy so you see the title first. 

Full publication layout
As i was going through the publication applying these layouts to each page, it looked bland to me and was very repetitive, so i thought i would split the publication into 3 sections, each section will follow the same layout, but there will be three layouts throughout the publication. This should make it more interesting to read, i don't want to do too much with the layout as its more about the design on each page than the layout, thats just there to make the publication professional, which it should do as it has a structured and clean look to it.

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