Tuesday, 20 March 2012


On friday we had a crit with jo about our ideas for the COP brief. It was run in groups but wasn't really a crit as such. We went in as a group and discussed our idea for the brief, the rest of the group could then give feedback/suggestions and Jo would do this too.

The idea:
To produce a publication on designers/design companies manifesto's, which would be visually displayed. Maybe to include graphic design quotes too. The purpose of the publication would be inspiration for design students/creatives.

My idea went down well, the idea behind it was good and well thought out.

Some feedback from Jo:
Visualise manifesto's
Contact designers about certain points in their manifesto
Isolate certain points of the manifesto's  - this could link to historic/critical analysis.
Appendix of manifesto's - so readers can find the full manifesto to read.

From the crit i have decided that my idea is going to be:
A publication on Manifesto's. The manifesto's will be based on graphic design, designers and design companies. From each manifesto i use, i will isolate certain parts i agree with, i will then visualise these points, it will create my own idea of a design manifesto from using other design manifesto's. I may include design quotes within the publication too.
The manifesto's featured in the publication will be listed at the end so readers can fins the full version.

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