Friday, 9 March 2012

Telling the truth//viral video

So from the crit we were told that whole idea of the installation wasn't working very well and wasn't getting the communication of the concept across.
However they did like the idea of the video, so because we have limited time and cannot change the whole concept of the project and the installation within the box without re-doing everything again and rebranding the promotional material etc we have decided to go with the video.

We have made changes to the video and added more content within it and also made it better quality, we are now going to use it as a viral video and post it on the internet on sites which we can monitor and see that people are viewing it.

Sites we are going to use:

Using the stickers we have already printed this can be promotional for the viral video and stick them up in places for people to see and go to the website. We can then check the vimeo profile and see how many views the video has had to measure the outcome of it.
With the tumblr page this can start off as a base for the video but could also expand to a blog of some sort about the the whole concept and maybe expand the project in that direction.
But to start with we are going to post it out as much as possible and see what reactions we get from it


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