Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Life lessons//rationale

On Tuesday we had a workshop, working on our own directed brief for OUGD404, a lot of people were still working out what they were doing and thinking of ideas from this, but i had already done this and had design sheets etc!
We had to pitch the idea to a small group of people in the group, basically explaining what we were going to do and then right a rationale from this.
My feedback was very positive, they liked the idea thought it would be interesting with the different techniques - one person did say to incorporate the information about the techniques, but i wouldn't find that interesting.

My rationale from the workshop is now:

Brief - What is the problem you intend to solve?
Motivating people through life lessons and motivational quotes
Showing difference of the printing techniques

Who needs to know - Who is your audience?
Low self-esteem people, people who need an extra boost in life, design students, design orientated people.

What do they need to know?
My brief isn't really telling them a certain thing, it is to inspire people and hopefully help them within there life.

What will they respond to - How will they connect/understand the outcome?
The outcome of my brief is going to be posters, so they will see these in public places and read them and hopefully be inspired by them.

What research is required?
primary - printing process// what people want to read// 'validation' short film
Secondary - designers similar idea// printing process// motivational quotes// life lessons

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