Monday, 26 March 2012

Postage stamps//Evaluation

Stimulated Approach
To start with at the beginning of the brief i first looked into other stamps which were already around this idea of recycling and helping the world, this was what got mw thinking in the right lines for that sort of stamps i wanted to produce.

Aswell as these once i got my concept for the stamps i went back to research imagery that i could use to create the visuals for the stamp designs.

Intuitive Approach
My first initial idea of what i was going to base the concept of my idea on was low impact transport, from this i researched into it more using the internet to get the relevant information i needed for the content of my designs for the stamps
Initial ideas that came from the research i collected on the given matter for my concept.

Systematic Approach
This took place through the development stage of my stamps, from the initial ideas i had for the design of the stamps i developed these into the final designs that i have produced.

Within this brief i would say that each approach has been used in different ways as i have shown above, but out of the three i would say that the Stimulated Approach relates to my work the most. I think this because throughout the brief i was thinking about the visuals, my stamp is based on the visuals of a car, it is linked back to cars by the visuals of the speedo dial in a car. At the first stage of this i came up with my idea from looking through imagery of low-impact transport thinking of the different methods and linking imagery to each one, from this i then found out information to back up the imagery which lead me to efficient driving. From finding the information of this the stamp was based around the whole visual of the car speedo, the development of this (show in brief above) was the simplification to make this more readable and easy to understand for the audience. If you look at my design sheets you can see that the idea generation i had was based around imagery, so i defiantly think this was the approach in which best suited my work. 

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