Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Postage Stamps//Design Sheets

For this brief we are designing postage stamps which are to educate you the future people about the world and ways of saving it. 
I initially looked at the different ways of being energy efficient which were on the brief itself, i didn't know what all these were so i looked them up to start with, then thought of some ideas from each of the categories

From this i then decided on three of the categories to research into further - looking at ways you can be energy efficient in these areas and finding statistics etc for each one.

This lead me onto the ideas for each of the presentation boards, as we have to produce 4 which show the development of the idea etc.

From here i started looking at some initial ideas for the three categories i had decided on working with.

This design sheet is for energy efficiency in your home

This design sheet is for alternative transport.

This design sheet is for efficient driving.

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