Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Postage stamps//Promotional poster

So another aspect of the brief was to create a promotional poster this was optional, but as i have plenty of time left i thought id do it.
Initially i wanted the poster to promote the idea of 'the challenge' aspect to my concept, but then i thought this wouldn't really promote the sale of the stamps, so i thought id try do both at the same time.

design sheets

Final poster

This is the final poster for the promotional material. Having the stamps so big and the first thing you see obviously promotes the stamps first and gets them out there been seen, i also think this will more likely catch the audiences eye, than a title. The next part you'd see would be the 'efficient driving' this is telling the readers what the stamps above are about, but also puts the thought of efficient driving into there mind. Having the 'take the challenge' below will entice the readers to follow on and read the smaller information at the bottom. This information at the bottom explains the whole aspect of efficient driving and why we need to do it more. It also explains the challenge briefly, then lastly there is information about buying the stamps to find out more about the challenge.

I feel that this was a good result in the design of the poster, i used the idea of type hierarchy a lot in this design as there was a primary and secondary message i wanted to promote throughout the one poster, which i feel has worked well.

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