Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Postage Stamps//Book design

As part of the brief we have to design the book that you buy the stamps in, this is to be in keeping with the design. As i am running a challenge/campaign alone with my stamps, i am going to put this information inside the booklet and maybe on the back too, depending how much space is needed. Ideally i want it to all fit inside.

inside design - stamps
This is the inside of the booklet of stamps, simple layout of the stamps all spaced out the same, so it looks nice and clean. 

I've changed the stamp area slightly, just reduced the space around each stamp because it was making the booklet a lot bigger than it needed to be.

Front cover design
design sheets
Different ideas for the front cover of the booklet, i have kept the idea of the gauge within the design to link it in with the rest of the stamps.

This is the first of one of the designs, it is in keeping with the rest of the stamps as it has the speed gauge on it, but i think it is simple, maybe too simple, so i might develop the idea bait further, maybe make the speedo into some sort of logo or something? i think i just need to play around with it more, but i defiantly like this idea the best as it has the elements of the stamps in keeping within the design. The stock will be antique white, so it will be a pale creamy colour, thats why there is no background colour.

Final front cover design. I changed the initial design slightly just because i didn't feel it was working as a design properly, it looked like everything had just been placed there for the sake of it. In still not 100% with this one, i don't like the '6x1st' it doesn't really fit in with the design, it looks out of place, but ill have a play around with that.

Inside cover

This is the start of the inside cover which will hold the information about the concept of the challenge and more information on the effects of car emissions on the environment.

this is the final inside page with all the text on etc, i have had to cut down the information to fit it within the size of the booklet but still managed to get everything in there.

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